College is getting tougher.. huff..

Let’s see.. today is March 14, 2008 and it’s only the fifth week of the semester. Classes this semester gives though tasks to work on, and most of them are final-project-kind of project. So at the beginning of the semester, we should select an abtract, title, or a case-study about a certain problem.

The class which entask this kind of task are:

  1. System Engineering
  2. Advanced Database

System Engineering starts with creating a system for a certain company or enterprise. We started out blank, without knowing what to do first, the proffesor only told us that we should design a system based on ERP components such as:

  1. Man
  2. Money
  3. Machine
  4. Market
  5. Material

Right.. as if those criteria explains all about the task, but in fact we were totally blanked out. We had no idea about the task, and left clueless for the first week of the semester. The task itself should be done individually, but I grouped with some friends to create a bigger system, each person were to handle a single component of the ERP.

The fourth week of the semester, we finally found the lights that we seek, but it doesn’t solve the problem, we were still confuse. For the first step after we set out on a title, we were told to make a workflow about the system we’re going to build according to our system, as for me.. I just made random assumption about the system, and well… it worked 😀 fiuh..

Next step is we’re suppose to create business process, use-case model, use-case requirement, class diagram, data modelling, and interface of the application.

Up to now.. I’m still stuck at the business process, and the use case model about the system.. huff..

As of Advanced Database, we are required to create some sort of metadata generator for a specific input (text, image, video, so on) and maybe it’ll lead to semantic web, this project required the use of RDF data model.

The first week of the semester we’re also a chaos, because our class were mixed with the “lintas jalur” students, we as a regular students were feeling uncomfortable because of the lack of communication between these two-class of the students. Regular students tends to work easier with people that they’ve already known (The regular students) — I’m not being hypocrite, I felt the same way too. The grouping was a horror, each group consisted with three “lintas jalur” and two regular students, thank God our grouped isn’t as bad as I think it would be.

Next is the topic. Because we had no idea about what a metadata generator really is — most of us in the class were clueless, totally..

So we found a topic about a web translator, which in turn of today was not the professor had expected, and we should get another topic. We did, and we decide that we should create a metadata generator for a jpeg image which extract the EXIF metadata information and turn it to RDF format, and it was all that simple all along, but is it really that simple? Well… I don’t know.. you won’t know until you’ve tried.. 🙂

So, this semester is going to be… ERP system + Semantic Web.. huff.. and that’s only two of the six class that I took on this semester.. 🙂


2 responses to “College is getting tougher.. huff..

  1. :P~ still got no idea on extracting pdf’s metadata .. ps. change my name on your blogroll plz .. make it ‘Arie Narendra’ hehehe

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