Coldplay’s Album Release

Coldplay’s latest album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends have been scheduled for release this June. The detail release will be as follows:

  • UK – June 12
  • USA & Canada – June 17
  • Japan – June 11
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ireland – June 13
  • Australia/NZ – June 14
  • The Rest of The World – June 16

Viva La Vida

The album tracklist is predicted like this:

  1. Life in Technicolor
  2. Cemeteries of London
  3. Lost!
  4. 42
  5. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love
  6. Yes
  7. Viva La Vida
  8. Violet Hill
  9. Strawberry Swing
  10. Death And All His Friends

Starting from April 29th we could get a free single download from the Coldplay’s Official Website (they’re not giving it anymore), then on Wednesday May 7th, there will be a free limited edition 7-inch vinyl of ‘Violet Hill’ on the cover of NME magazine, backed by the exclusive B-side, ‘A Spell A Rebel Yell’ wow.. I wish I could get my hands on those 😦

Anyway the media talks that this new album will be very different from the previous three, and Coldplay considered this new album would be a new beginning from the last trilogy. The album would have a more gloomy sounds and will be very different from the previous three albums. Check the ITunes Store to get the their album early on.

The first impression when I heard they’re new single violet Hill I was quite shocked.. I thought I was hearing a completely new band from the first verse till almost the end. They’re playing sounds which is not very coldplay-like kind of sounds IMHO, but when the song reached the closing verse there I senses the Coldplay I knew before.

With everyday hearing the songs on my daily playlist.. i became quite like it.. 😀


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