Viva La Vida Release!!

Finaly today I got my hands on Coldplay’s new album entitled Viva La Vida. This album is the result of the long wait for three years since they release their 3rd album, X&Y. When I first heard that Coldplay is giving away their new single a month ago called Violet Hill, I couldn’t help myself to download it right away. That single really did give some elements of surprise as the sound used were different and I think they start playing around with different kind of sounds and musical aura in this 4th album. I couldn’t find something related to the old Coldplay sound until the last verse of the song.

Viva La Vida

It proves that this album is different, and is more like a new beginning, maybe it’s a fresh start just like their first album, Parachute. The sounds and lyrics are gloomier and with little lyrics sing in every track that describes about love, the essence of the band from the previous three album is still there though with the added producer’s influence sometime I hear Bono is singing rather than Chris Martin. Yeah sometimes I got that feeling, U2’s sounds or Bono’s way of singing in Chris’ voice.

The album started with Life in Technicolor which is an instrumental song as a nice opening to the whole album. Some interesting single like 42 which talks about the dead and sounded more like Radiohead, but the single that is going to be a hit is Viva La Vida. Coldplay fans will surely without a doubt not going to be disappointed with this album, but for starters this album is worth to try, Viva La Vida is the right single starters for you.

Go here for the album track listing.


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