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Cisco Certification for a Brighter Future

I’m a university student and I take Informatics as my major. I’m currently running my 7th semester but I think I won’t graduate next semester, because I got some bad grades hehehe.. Anyway I don’t want to graduate to soon because computer topics are so wide that 4 years aren’t enough to master all things that are needed by the industrial sectors.

The thing about education in Indonesia is that university graduate even from famous national university are not guaranteed to have a job as soon as they’re graduated. Some of the cause is because they don’t have the skill required by the industrial sectors.

Each year the number of graduates increases and competition are getting tougher, this is where certification helps the most. Owning a certificate in one of IT top certificates like the MS Certified Developer, Java Certified Developer, Oracle Certified Professionals, or Cisco certification will surely boost our CV and higher percentage to acquire a job, and even you could propose a higher salary because you own one.

Earning one is quite expensive and hard, but it really worth it. Consider it as an investment for your future. My university has take certification very seriously and even subsidized students who wished to take the certification exam.

For you who are interested in networking and network security, Cisco certification is something you really should take and the kind of certification of the future is wireless technology. Cisco wireless certification is called CCNA Wireless. This certification will certify you as a wireless professionals capable of configuring, implementing, and supporting wireless LANs while preparing you for monitoring and troubleshooting basic tasks of a Cisco WLAN in small and medium-sized business (SMB) and enterprise installations. Neat huh..?

There are other certification from Cisco, and you could check it out the “10 Things You Should Know About the Cisco CCNA Security Certification” stuff to help you get through what the certification is all about.

I hope I could get a certification someday… But the only thing I’m good at is ASP.NET. Maybe I should take the MS Web Developer Certification, and the CCNA. Who wouldn’t want to have a good future.. right?

Here’s a link to Cisco’s Blog.

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Gala Photography Redesigned

Last year was the first time I got my outside projects, and the one who’s asking me to build something was my friend Gala. He’s a photographer specializing in pre-wedding, and modeling photography but some of his photos that captures the magnificent beauties of Indonesia are amazing too. Some of his photos can be found at Indonesia Guide.

My friend here wished to have his only portfolio with his own domain name and not tagging along with the pre-existed Friendster gallery he already had. So I made him his online portfolio with ASP.NET, the only hindrance using this platform was the expensive price we had to pay to host the web application… 😦

I wish the hosting price would be as competitive as hosting a PHP web application.. :p

Anyway.. the project were finish and that’s the first project outside campus project that I had. One year later my friend here offered me to redesign. Well.. who could resist as I was doing nothing because of the semester holidays. So I’ve been working on it for the past 3 days. The website has completely redesigned in this one week time.

Gala Photography

Gala Photography

The design were all made completely from scratch with some references from CarbonMade portfolio website and some references I forget where I found it.. :p . The concept is likely the same, but with some added capability of customization. Please let me know what you’re oppinion about my design, and also take a look at my friend gallery at Gala Photography.

QuickAds by ScribeFire Hands-On

Yesterday I received an invitation from the popular ScribeFire to try their new service, the QuickAds. ScribeFire is a Firefox plugin that can manage your blog in an instant. You can post, write, manage, edit your posts on your blog easily. The plugin is also handy when the default WordPress editor, TinyMCE, doesn’t want to get along with us.

The QuickAds service is a handy tool to help us monetizing our blog. The QuickAds would give us more alternatives than AdSense, AdBrite, Chikita, and so on. To begin using this service, we would need for to install the ads plugin for Firefox. The size is about 400 KB.

Once downloaded and install, you will notice a new tab on the left pane. The $ mark tab is where we will begin placing ads to our blogs. Login with the username and password sent by QuickAds, select your blog that had been associated with ScribeFire and you’re ready to place the ads. Too bad this service doesn’t work on blogs though.. 😆

I'm installing the ads

I'm installing the ads

Placing the ads is very simple. After we’ve opened the blog we wish to place the ads, select one of the ads type on the right. Then after we click the ads type, point our cursor to a part of our blog. Give it another click, and a confirmation pane would pop out. Click ok, and we’re done.. 🙂 no inserting any of those ads script to your page source.

The only downside I’ve noticed is the type of ads offered for us. The type of ads aren’t as varied as AdSense’s. This service is still in Beta phase, so I hope more improvements would show up when it’s completed.

Btw: I’ve installed the ads on my blogs that’s using Michael Jubel’s theme, check them out. Indonesia Travel Guide and Music Info Online.

iPhone 3G Sales Sky Rocketing

Amazing!!! with only 3 days after its official release iPhone 3G sales went of the roof with a whooping more than a million iPhones! Yes folks.. that’s 1,000,000++ of iPhones that have found their new home worldwide or about 21 countries which is lucky enough to have iPhones 3G on sales. Indonesia is not one of them… it brokes most of Apple’s fan back here.

Contrast to the first generation of iPhone which reached its one millionth sales 74 days after its release. If those things were to be available in Indonesia, then definetly Apple’s fan would contribute a great number for that sales chart

Earn Money for Mommy Bloggers

Never underestimate the moms who work so hard back at home, raising their lovely children or taking care of the house. Believe me it’s hard. But those moms wouldn’t be working all the time right? With the trends of the internet lately they could even make a few bucks at home while still keep in watch on their babies. Neat huh? What does it takes? Businesses in the internet are run from websites like those e-store or alike, but…. Writing about your experience with the kids in the internet could also be potential in generating money.
What it takes is a blog, and its contents are attractive and updated frequently. Build a community online, posts some comments from similar blogs and you would generate traffic to your blog, meaning more people reading what you’re thinking or doing. When you have sufficient readers then submit your blog at SocialSpark.

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Indonesia Kalah Maning, Kalah Maning..

Tadi pagi hasil Miss Universe udah keluar, tapi kayaknya Indonesia gagal lagi. Rekor Indonesia di ajang ini paling top ya diperoleh sama mbak Artika Sari Devi itu. Sejak itu kayaknya yayasan di Indonesia lebih menggebu-gebu untuk bisa tembus jadi finalis 5 besar sampai-sampai Putri pake swimsuit single piece, model baju renang yang sangat ditentang oleh ibu-ibu di tanah air. Tapi kok kalah lagi.. Kayaknya bukan baju renangnya deh.. :p

Putri Raemawasti

Putri Raemawasti

Tapi tetep salut sama Putri, dia yang paling bikin surprise seluruh Indonesia, ITS terutama. Ternyata di ITS yang notabene kampus teknik dan sebagian besar penghuninya adalah kaum adam, masih ada “pemandangan” yang bisa dinikmati.. 😀 jadi Putri Indonesia lagi.. hehe..

Teknik Industri emang terkenal akan ceweknya yang lebih cantik diantara jurusan lainnya, itu sudah rahasia umum di ITS.. 😀

Putri mau nggak ya jadi cewekku.. :p kan Teknik Industri masih deket sama Teknik Informatika..
*ngayal mode: on

hahahahahaha is Moving

I’m pretty dissapointed with Blogger. Since I published my blog I didn’t get what I wanted, Adsense ads. The story goes when I’ve perfectly setup the blog, the blog got indexed, posted a few times, and finish adding some links. Then I decide to put an ads on top of the page.

I tried to add the ads using the blogger plug-in, but it wasn’t there. It said that Adsense is not available in my country. If the blog was written in Bahasa Indonesia I would have understand, but in reality my blog is written completely in English, just like my other blogs out there. That’s one point. The second point, I’m not quite familiar with the Blogger interface and it’s going to take quite a process to learn it.

So then I decide that I would move this music blog entirely and build a solid music blog from using wordpress. I just love what the WordPress guys had done with this Blog CMS, absolutely wonderful.

So the blog moved to but it’s not quite ready yet. I guess I’m to lazy to get it fixed and got too focus in maintaining my other blogs.. :p

Anyway, I’m still using Michael Jubel’s themes, which is great. Thanks Michael.. 🙂