Indonesia Travel Guide Website

Starting from today the 1st of July another website of mine have been officially released. Although as far as I know it hadn’t been indexed by Google yet… (huff..) The content is something you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re visiting Indonesia.

The website concept will feature a lot of Indonesia travel destinations, and I’m trying to introduce to the world that Indonesia isn’t just Bali, there are more to see in the country than just Bali. Travelling tips for you, an article about Indonesian culture, some map describing the location and other news related to Indonesia and Indonesian tourism.

Indonesia Guide

I decided to make this kind of website because out there most of travelling blogs are discussing some country beauty, then I figured, why don’t I make a blog about my own country and there are only a few fellow bloggers from Indonesia who runs Indonesia Travel website. Then voila!! here’s the result, preety neat huh..? :p

Oh yeah… the URL is, I had to made a domain with a dash (-) because some jerks parked or, they’re having a good SEO but with worthless content, no travelling tips or even travelling destinations there..

It just started so bare with the few post it has.. :p

With the tagline:

Indonesia at a Glance. Discover The Best Tourism, Travel, Culture, Food, and Great Hospitality of Indonesia

I promise will bring the best of Indonesia, and what the do and don’t when travelling in Indonesia. Have a look will ya….? :p


One response to “Indonesia Travel Guide Website

  1. nice web, nice blog. You’ve shared lot information.

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