Scottsdale, Arizona

I recently took a walk and exploring the link in Wikipedia. As usual sometimes when I feel like I’m in the mood enough to read I go to Wikipedia. I started from the US article, clicking every links there is I found myself at one of the state’s page in Wikipedia, Arizona. When I think of Arizona I think about the American desert and the arid lands which I always think this state has.
Because of that geographical nature of the state no wonder that this state only has a few regions that have more than 5000 population per square miles. Phoenix is the biggest city in this state and also its capital city, followed with Tucson and Mesa being the second and third biggest city.

The big cities have always drawn lots of businessman to trade and all, but what about the tourism in this state, what city has the biggest tourism or at least when people think of Arizona and they want to have a vacation where would they go to? Maybe Scottsdale is the city I’ve been looking for.
Scottsdale is regarded as being a city with upscale tourist and shopping destination. The city location is bordered with Phoenix most of the shopping mall customers came from that city. According to Wikipedia the north part of Scottsdale has a median resale price of $667,450, if you’re trying to live in this city might as well visit a Scottsdale real estate agent, maybe they could help you find a cheaper price if you’re trying to live in the southern part of Scottsdale.


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