Asus EEE PC is Going 3G



3G connection is the hot trends in coutries in Europe and Asia, especially back here in Indonesia. I myself is using 3G as my primary internet connection. Seeing that kind of market Asustek with their brand Asus will try to compete in providing hardware for 3G connection but this time they will provide it with their mini laptop the Asus EEE PC.

The laptop will have a full support on the HSDPA and HSUPA technology and still using the WiFi support. The 3G connection will complement the pre-existing WiFi, and the two will work efficiently switching one another.


3 responses to “Asus EEE PC is Going 3G

  1. huehehe… ini terobosan bagus nih, gak perlu beli modem segala… segalanya all in… huehehe… Beli Bos!

  2. @rahadian
    Iya boss, tinggal tancep aja.. satu masalah doang, tuh operatornya kudu upgrade BTS, sebelum pelanggannya jadi BT

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