is Moving

I’m pretty dissapointed with Blogger. Since I published my blog I didn’t get what I wanted, Adsense ads. The story goes when I’ve perfectly setup the blog, the blog got indexed, posted a few times, and finish adding some links. Then I decide to put an ads on top of the page.

I tried to add the ads using the blogger plug-in, but it wasn’t there. It said that Adsense is not available in my country. If the blog was written in Bahasa Indonesia I would have understand, but in reality my blog is written completely in English, just like my other blogs out there. That’s one point. The second point, I’m not quite familiar with the Blogger interface and it’s going to take quite a process to learn it.

So then I decide that I would move this music blog entirely and build a solid music blog from using wordpress. I just love what the WordPress guys had done with this Blog CMS, absolutely wonderful.

So the blog moved to but it’s not quite ready yet. I guess I’m to lazy to get it fixed and got too focus in maintaining my other blogs.. :p

Anyway, I’m still using Michael Jubel’s themes, which is great. Thanks Michael.. 🙂


4 responses to “ is Moving

  1. A proper decision indeed. WP is amazing.

  2. IMO , it depends on the purpose of your blog creation . As example , I’d like using Blogspot better than WP to do my ‘junk-blogging’ lolz .. Blogspot is just perfect for dummy blogs creation .. haha.. and WP is the best if you’re serious in blogging 🙂

  3. @daustralala
    Wordpress is the best!! 😀

    I kind of agree, unfortunately my blogger won’t display any adsense (dang), so I moved, besides I wanna have a music blog anyway.. thanks to him I can host many website.. 😀

  4. I agree that wordpress is the best, I use it almost on all my blogs, and also for my customers!!

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