QuickAds by ScribeFire Hands-On

Yesterday I received an invitation from the popular ScribeFire to try their new service, the QuickAds. ScribeFire is a Firefox plugin that can manage your blog in an instant. You can post, write, manage, edit your posts on your blog easily. The plugin is also handy when the default WordPress editor, TinyMCE, doesn’t want to get along with us.

The QuickAds service is a handy tool to help us monetizing our blog. The QuickAds would give us more alternatives than AdSense, AdBrite, Chikita, and so on. To begin using this service, we would need for to install the ads plugin for Firefox. The size is about 400 KB.

Once downloaded and install, you will notice a new tab on the left pane. The $ mark tab is where we will begin placing ads to our blogs. Login with the username and password sent by QuickAds, select your blog that had been associated with ScribeFire and you’re ready to place the ads. Too bad this service doesn’t work on WordPress.com blogs though.. 😆

I'm installing the ads

I'm installing the ads

Placing the ads is very simple. After we’ve opened the blog we wish to place the ads, select one of the ads type on the right. Then after we click the ads type, point our cursor to a part of our blog. Give it another click, and a confirmation pane would pop out. Click ok, and we’re done.. 🙂 no inserting any of those ads script to your page source.

The only downside I’ve noticed is the type of ads offered for us. The type of ads aren’t as varied as AdSense’s. This service is still in Beta phase, so I hope more improvements would show up when it’s completed.

Btw: I’ve installed the ads on my blogs that’s using Michael Jubel’s theme, check them out. Indonesia Travel Guide and Music Info Online.


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