Gala Photography Redesigned

Last year was the first time I got my outside projects, and the one who’s asking me to build something was my friend Gala. He’s a photographer specializing in pre-wedding, and modeling photography but some of his photos that captures the magnificent beauties of Indonesia are amazing too. Some of his photos can be found at Indonesia Guide.

My friend here wished to have his only portfolio with his own domain name and not tagging along with the pre-existed Friendster gallery he already had. So I made him his online portfolio with ASP.NET, the only hindrance using this platform was the expensive price we had to pay to host the web application… 😦

I wish the hosting price would be as competitive as hosting a PHP web application.. :p

Anyway.. the project were finish and that’s the first project outside campus project that I had. One year later my friend here offered me to redesign. Well.. who could resist as I was doing nothing because of the semester holidays. So I’ve been working on it for the past 3 days. The website has completely redesigned in this one week time.

Gala Photography

Gala Photography

The design were all made completely from scratch with some references from CarbonMade portfolio website and some references I forget where I found it.. :p . The concept is likely the same, but with some added capability of customization. Please let me know what you’re oppinion about my design, and also take a look at my friend gallery at Gala Photography.


4 responses to “Gala Photography Redesigned

  1. nice models .. haha

  2. @arie

    sure are… 😀

  3. from this website and this person who made my web too..i prefer to make photo gallery online too..

    thank u handy. nice work..

  4. @hendy

    Thanks.. 🙂

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