Cisco Certification for a Brighter Future

I’m a university student and I take Informatics as my major. I’m currently running my 7th semester but I think I won’t graduate next semester, because I got some bad grades hehehe.. Anyway I don’t want to graduate to soon because computer topics are so wide that 4 years aren’t enough to master all things that are needed by the industrial sectors.

The thing about education in Indonesia is that university graduate even from famous national university are not guaranteed to have a job as soon as they’re graduated. Some of the cause is because they don’t have the skill required by the industrial sectors.

Each year the number of graduates increases and competition are getting tougher, this is where certification helps the most. Owning a certificate in one of IT top certificates like the MS Certified Developer, Java Certified Developer, Oracle Certified Professionals, or Cisco certification will surely boost our CV and higher percentage to acquire a job, and even you could propose a higher salary because you own one.

Earning one is quite expensive and hard, but it really worth it. Consider it as an investment for your future. My university has take certification very seriously and even subsidized students who wished to take the certification exam.

For you who are interested in networking and network security, Cisco certification is something you really should take and the kind of certification of the future is wireless technology. Cisco wireless certification is called CCNA Wireless. This certification will certify you as a wireless professionals capable of configuring, implementing, and supporting wireless LANs while preparing you for monitoring and troubleshooting basic tasks of a Cisco WLAN in small and medium-sized business (SMB) and enterprise installations. Neat huh..?

There are other certification from Cisco, and you could check it out the “10 Things You Should Know About the Cisco CCNA Security Certification” stuff to help you get through what the certification is all about.

I hope I could get a certification someday… But the only thing I’m good at is ASP.NET. Maybe I should take the MS Web Developer Certification, and the CCNA. Who wouldn’t want to have a good future.. right?

Here’s a link to Cisco’s Blog.

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4 responses to “Cisco Certification for a Brighter Future

  1. I recently got my CCNA from Cisco and Cisco is great! Anyone interested in the Information Technology field should go to the Cisco website and forums and check it out ehre’s a link:

  2. @Erin
    Hi, Erin. Thanks for sharing with us.. 🙂 Good luck with your new CCNA. Would you mind telling me what kind of CCNA did you get?

  3. Yes, the options that CCNA offers you after getting a certification are pretty good. Moreover, it is recognised by most IT companies as a pre requisite for a particular post.

  4. I’d be interested , but it’s so fuckin expensive :-/

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