My Blogs Are Down

A few of my blogs have gone offline, it’s because of a cracker attack (damn it!!!). The blogs that went offline are and They were hosted at Dreamhost using my friends account, he was so generous to share his account. But then it gives a consequence of an attack.

Apparently someone is messing around with the unsecure account and it hacked through and placed a spam software. That “seed” then produces spam using Dreamhost’s IP, which is why Dreamhost was so upset. Apparently Dreamhost had emailed him a few weeks ago, but we didn’t find what was wrong, until an email was coming stated that his account is CLOSED and they have found the source which we couldn’t find.

Dreamhost was so upset that they decided to close my friend’s account, and we’re looking a way to at least salvage our data. But I hope the Dreamhost guy would be so kind of restoring the account.. huff…


3 responses to “My Blogs Are Down

  1. we’re all fucked.

  2. wah… harusnya begitu diemail DH, bilang saja ndak tahu, tolong cariin, klo ketemu masalahnya delete aja ndak papa,,, daripada di-closed smuanya…

    aku dulu pernah kaya gitu soale 😀

    ya, smua hosting pasti kaya gitu soale…

  3. @Agus MU
    Udah terlambat bang, dan kayaknya mereka dah annoyed banget. Tapi emang kita nggak ngerti wormnya ada dimana. Tapi nasi dah jadi bubur.

    Sekarang lagi fokus bangun lagi. semoga visitornya ga cepet2 berpaling :p

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