Google Chrome Still Lacks a Few Features


It's still Beta

It's still in Beta

The internet world are mostly talking about the Google’s web browser Google Chrome right now, and it really does bring up some breakthrough in the browser worlds. But with all of the breakthrough that Google developers offered with Chrome we have to learn the new-type interface that Chrome offers.

Because it’s so simplistic in the design, most of the menu we’re used to are hidden or at least some-more clicks away if compared from using other browser with standard interface like IE, Opera and FireFox. For example I had to right-click every side of the interface to learn what will this click show me? And sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for.. hahaha. A great problem with a breakthrough is sometime that users need to re-learn how to get the spesific function they need. Luckily though I remembered some of the keyboard shortcuts of other browser and it worked in Chrome too.

If we’re talking about the rendering speed. Chrome is the fastest from my experience. I ussually browse the web with Opera as it is fast and reliable, but when the Opera developers published the Opera 9.5 I was starting to get dissapointed. Chrome really outwits the rendering page from Opera and leaving Firefox supperior only to IE. 

I’ve been using Chrome as a primary browser now, but I think I won’t migrate completely from Opera to Chrome yet. Chrome still can’t translate some Javascript perfectly and their bookmarking sucks. Chrome only support Firefox migration, leaving all my bookmark on Opera untouched. Using Chrome you’ll have to re-study their interface, not yet for mac, and probably some more that I haven’t discovered yet.

But overall Chrome is nice. I like the revolution, because we need some revolutions sometimes so that our mind won’t go dull :p, It’s sleek, love the color, and it’s the hottest thing on the web rite now.. 😀 Looking forward for its final release.. 🙂


2 responses to “Google Chrome Still Lacks a Few Features

  1. Jadul is better then it……Always Using Last Google….heheeee..Coz i don’t understand at all…

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