Latest Projects:

Another photography website have been completed and my portfolio gain more item with the completion of Hendy’s online photo gallery. This project design was supplied by Hendy himself and thus making the development side faster. Although he only gave the Photoshop format (PSD) of the web design, it was clear that he knows what he wants, and that’s a good start.

The PSD web template became my guidelines in converting the design from PSD to a web-readable format, XHTML and CSS. Because each of my project design should be as unique as possible I tried to offer him some of the pre-existed web galleries out there, frankly my own gallery design was no good hehe. But most didn’t fulfill what he needs.

Suddenly he offered me to use SimpleViewer — a flash-based image gallery, for his website. SimpleViewer is different from JonDesign’s CSS gallery. SimpleViewer uses XML to access the photos that’s going to be displayed. The challenge was how to convert the pre-existed photography web application template that I already had and grouping the SimpleViewer so that both of them can run perfectly.

I did quite a hack with the pre-existed web application that I used on Gala Photography, and it worked perfectly. Check Hendy’s website to find out how good does he capture at


One response to “Latest Projects:

  1. thanks a lot ndi..great work..

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