Mono 2.0 Is Out

Great news for .NET developer (like myself) who wish to build or run .NET application (desktop and web app) on other platform than Windows (we’re talking about Linux and Mac OS X). According to the the news at Arstechnica Mono 2.0 Library is out and now support C# 3.0

This release includes compilers for C# 3.0 and Visual Basic 8, and the C# can now support the LINQ technology. For more information, check out the detailed release notes and a blog entry published this morning by de Icaza.

Below is a screenshot of a free UML designer that support both C#and Java called NClass, a very handy tools for your developing needs and also a great substitute for Visual Studio. Wanna go taste the new version right now? go here to download Mono 2.0 now.


NClass. Love the Visual Studio style


3 responses to “Mono 2.0 Is Out

  1. wow, itu dibuat blog bisa kah?

  2. Ga bagus mister..aku pernah bisa ngapa-ngapain..mengecewakan..

  3. @fahrur
    Ga bagus ya? aku juga belum nyoba benernya

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