Opera University Tour at ITS

Last friday on November 21st 2008 the Opera team had just visited my campus at ITS. The seminar mainly dicusses about the Opera capabilities and features such as the handy-tool for web developers called Firefly or something — I kinda forget, which is available starting at version 2.6 and I really think it really need some more upgrades because it’s not as comfortable to use compare to the Firefox’s addons Firebug. The demo of the Opera was quite short and mostly done on slides. The Opera demo was brought by Mr Zi Bin, Cheah who I think he’s a Malay because he can speak Bahasa Indonesia mixed with his Malay vocabularies, which we think some of it was hillarious. What we laughed about was the word alat sejuk, at first I don’t get it but then I realized that he was trying to point out AC or Air Conditioner which in Indonesia we simply refer it with AC.

The second presentation was really I exciting, it’s about HTML 5 and CSS 3. Yeah, those are the words of web developers and designers everywhere. The presentation was brought excitingly by Mr Bruce Lawson who’s an English and of course the course was also brought by his English accent. His degree was nowhere near the computer stuff, his degree was English Literature and Drama. It really surprised me though, never thought of that before and he’s also a member of the Web Standards Project’s Accessibility Task Force, so cool!!

The Opera team arrived at ITS after the Jumat Prayer which is about 13.00 WIB and the team was composed of three people, one is Mr Bruce, two is Mr Zi Bin, and the last one and quite surprising is a girl from Indonesia (really sorry I forgot her name, damn) which had take some internship at Opera (so cool!!!) for about 8 months, and she’s here acted mostly trying to translate our question to Mr Bruce and Mr Zi Bin.

It was such a nice time indeed and I’m hoping more international vendors will come to my campus, especially before I graduate from ITS of course.. :p Thank you for the Opera team for coming to our country and I know you have very heavy schedule doing courses in Indonesia (they’re touring the country and visiting 11 universities).

And thank you for the souvenir… a nice postman bag.. yayyyy!!! 😀

Opera Postman-Bag

Opera Postman-Bag




3 responses to “Opera University Tour at ITS

  1. free stuffs complete all excitement, haha..

  2. @micania
    freebies is so sweet.. hehe.. 😀

  3. yes, i m a Malaysian indeed 🙂
    And glad u enjoyed the talk

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