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iPhone SDK, NOT for Windows

With all the buzz about iPhone more and more people are getting their hands on it developing an iPhone app is becoming very promising. So that’s why I have been thingking of creating an app myself and if I’m lucky I could sell it and earn good money.

So I went to Apple iPhone Dev Center website and look for an iPhone SDK, got the links and it’s quite big in size, about 1.3 GB as I remembered (CMIIW), but…. it’s a .dmg file, and I don’t even have a Mac. Is it not for Windows? 😦

and so.. that’s how I lost my interest..


Utility-Kit Software Dalam Satu Flashdisk

yayaya.. kadang kita sebagai orang yg cenderung lebih tahu mengenai permasalahan komputer, atau kuliah di bidang itu pastinya sering kali dimintai tolong oleh teman, kerabat, atau bahkan orang tak dikenal untuk memperbaiki komputer yg notabene bermasalah karena penggunaan yang kurang cermat.

Bila saat itu tiba dan kita ingin membantu bak pahlawan super yang akan menolong mereka, lebih baik persiapkan tools yang berkaitan dengan masalah itu dalam satu flashdisk. Kenapa? ya.. supaya kita tidak perlu repot-repot instal di komputer yg bermasalah itu, jalankan saja tools tersebut di dalam flashdisk. Jadi tinggal colok, jalan, beres.. asal flashdisk anda terdeteksi di komputer tentunya.. hehe..

Toolsnya apa saja?? mampir kesini deh.. semoga dapat meringankan pekerjaan “super hero” anda..

Repair Kit Utility All-In-One Flash Drive

For IT guys like us sometime we need to be able to perform a “superhero” kind of job at fixing other people computers. Sometimes we know the solutions but it may involves some tools in order to fix it up, it would take longer to find the tools and install it on the problematic computer, so wouldn’t it be great if we just tucked in flash drive full of those tools that we need? well here’s a great link about these tools.

Fill all these in a flash drive and you’re job will be much simpler.

Start Learning Russian

I don’t know what have gotten into me, but I just feel need to learn about Russian. I’ve always been interested in cultures and languages of other countries and this time I really like to try to learn about Russian language, at least I’m good enough to read their cyrillic character.

So, I typed my keywords in Google and it brought me to At first I wasn’t so convinced that this site cold gave me what I wanted, but hey… I was wrong. is a great place for my to start and I recommend that you visit the site too to start learning Russian.

Anyway I think Russian is cool, so many of my colleagues try to learn German, some French, some are interested in Japanese, but they never thought of learning Russian. Hahaha.. the best thing about learning a language that rarely people understand is that you could swear, say bad things, curse them, or anything about them — hey sometimes I did that, but not mostly of course — and they wouldn’t understand a single word!! Hahahaha.. it sometimes feel good :p

I’m still a long way to go though.. and btw, can anyone tell me where is the best source of learning Japanese kanji words? I need how to read and pronounce them as well. Thanks.

Start Learning Stock Trade and Forex

Capitalism II Box

Capitalism II Box

I’ve always been interested about the world of stock trading that we’ve always seen on TV where brokers screams, yells, and do whatever it takes to buy or sell — or maybe something else — stock of some companies. From the first glimpse I wasn’t too impressed. But when I was in high school I played this game called Capitalism II, which is a tycoon-type of a game that lets us build a company of our own, creating products of our own, selling them, how to get the raw materials to produce them and one more thing, stock.

Because I love playing tycoon-like games I also found out that stocks also plays a major role in a company, even in a railroad company like the ones we could play at Railroad Tycoon series. So my interest grew about this stock thing. But until recently I’ve only discovered how to play them using the real stock of a real company with a real price in a real time but with a VIRTUAL money.. Where did I find them? Facebook.. 🙂 well until recently I’ve just discovered an interesting Facebook application in which can teach us how to play stock realistically without having a single dime loss. The app itself is called Fantasy Investing, powered by

It seems that developers had paid an interest in developing Facebook app and letting people like me — who is a facebook addict.. :p — get to learn about stock exchange. Before using the app you need to create an account though, you can follow the link here. Then use your login detail to access Fantasy Investing in Facebook.

The app itself is pretty easy to use, and you can also do trading through your Facebook, or go straight to your account page. Transaction in both pages will mirror one-another so you don’t have to worry, but there will sure be some delays between the two.

My tips before planning on buy or sell stock is to open up Google Finance page to help you understand and browse companies offered stock in NYSE or NASDAQ. Because the game uses a real value of a stock then this Google Finance tool will surely come in handy.

Other than stocks, foreign exchange or abbrevated as forex is also a very popular method of trading. Too bad this time there’s no Facebook app about forex — or as far as I know –, thankfully my friend knew about a website called Marketiva, at first I didn’t know whether this site offers a free virtual forex trading but he said it’s alright. So I gave it a try.



After signed up, and downloaded the application — yes folks, you need to download their application — I start my first trading. Well I actually don’t know what to do yet.. hahaha.. but anyway it’s great, because they’re offering some virtual cash to be traded for us who’ve always wanted to learn this kind of stuff and leaving our real cash safely at the bank. Untouched.

But you could also do some real trading with Marketiva, go to Marketiva website for more info. And by the way, when you subcribe you’ll be given about 5 US$ of real money to gain real money within a real trading. Godspeed.

Screenshot of the application

Screenshot of the application

Latest Project:

At the end of January this year (2009) I was able to complete another project with the name domain This time the concept of the website is about the wedding of the two couple Mita and Hendy. The website contains mainly about their love stories from each of the couple point of view, custom made photo gallery which was made by their requests, and guest book for congratulating this new couple.

The design was made by Hendy with Photoshop, and I tried to convert most of its element to CSS/HTML. Like most of my work I also used ASP.NET for this project.