Start Learning Russian

I don’t know what have gotten into me, but I just feel need to learn about Russian. I’ve always been interested in cultures and languages of other countries and this time I really like to try to learn about Russian language, at least I’m good enough to read their cyrillic character.

So, I typed my keywords in Google and it brought me to At first I wasn’t so convinced that this site cold gave me what I wanted, but hey… I was wrong. is a great place for my to start and I recommend that you visit the site too to start learning Russian.

Anyway I think Russian is cool, so many of my colleagues try to learn German, some French, some are interested in Japanese, but they never thought of learning Russian. Hahaha.. the best thing about learning a language that rarely people understand is that you could swear, say bad things, curse them, or anything about them — hey sometimes I did that, but not mostly of course — and they wouldn’t understand a single word!! Hahahaha.. it sometimes feel good :p

I’m still a long way to go though.. and btw, can anyone tell me where is the best source of learning Japanese kanji words? I need how to read and pronounce them as well. Thanks.


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