Fashion Shopping Reference for Men

There’s nothing for men to be stylish, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with looking good around people so guys touch up your style and start looking good for the ladies. Throw away that geeky look of combined chubby tummy, stiff glasses, those dirty t-shirts, your last-week-washed pants, and start brushing your teeth. Another thing you’ll need is some fashion in you. If you like wearing casual stuff then at least try to buy a good t-shirt, some fancy jeans, and good sneakers.

Green Adidas Firebird Track Top

Green Adidas Firebird Track Top has the reference for you to go shopping for clothes on a budget, they also have clothing for men section so you’ll know where to start searching for the clothes that matches your style online. I myself love to wear t-shirt or polo shirt combined with casual denim pants, an Adidas Track Top and Nike sneakers, sports can be stylish too especially adidas.

Despite that I’m studying in a software engineering major I really don’t want to look so geeky around people, I just find that kind of look is undesirable for myself. I have recently bought an adidas firebird track top which is something that I really wanted a long time ago, and just recently I had the enough money to buy one, the jacket itself is pretty expensive in regards of Indonesian standards, I hope it could be cheaper.. 😀


2 responses to “Fashion Shopping Reference for Men

  1. nice review … is this sponsored ?

  2. I really want this jacket. Maybe for my birthday this month. I think it would look good with a white shirt, dark jeans and a pair of green converse.

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