Latest Project: dBridge Photography

Since the begining of February I’ve been working on another web-photography project called d’Bridge Photography. It took me 2 weeks to complete the prototype of the website fulfilling the client’s requirements, another 1 week was added for some revision made by the client.

For this project I offered the client to use AutoViewer photo gallery, which displays big pictures and autoresizing capabilities enhanced with Flash friendly user interaction. The gallery requires an xml file which display what data to be displayed on each gallery, the website itself features 4 (fixed-numbers) gallery.

It’s too bad that AutoViewer gallery only provides a big picture without displaying any thumbnails. The client was satisfied with the result altough thumbnail lists on each gallery would’ve been better. The website also features a basic flash animation on the welcome page.


One response to “Latest Project: dBridge Photography

  1. Hi! I’d like to improve my site. You’ve alredy done a project like that. How much might another one cost? Please contact me as quick as possible cause i’m about to start working with another guy.

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