Promoting Product or Service Through Exhibition

Exhibition or expo are always great to attend to, especially when it’s about computer stuff. The vendors or other company who joins the exhibition will display their latest products and sometimes also gives a demo about their best products. I love it when they’re trying to give a demo about a certain VGA card, the vendor ussually put a see-through PC equipped with the VGA card and start playing games at high quality settings.

Those vendors must have spent a lot of money just to build their stand. The bigger they are the better chance it is too attract the crowd into their booth, but they also need to be very informative and attractive about the product they’re trying to introduce.

IBM Stand

In my oppinion, the better the lightings in the booth the better. Therefore they’re going to need truss to place the lights on top of their booth to give a perfect lighting effect. ¬†Camelback Displays could help these vendors in providing what they need for any trade show displays equipment. Their products are ranging from truss, table covers, banner stands, trade show furniture, logo floor mats, and more things about exhibit booths.

A successful exhibition will surely give a lot of advantage to the company which trying to reach their existing customer or potential customers. By joining a product exhibition a company is actually investing in their advertisement campaign.


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