Turkish Hackers Really Got In My Nerves!

In the recent week, my blogs which is hosted at Hostgator (Indonesia-Guide.net, MusicInfoOnline.net) got hacked by these fucking turkish hackers and defaced the index.php file on my blogs. In order to repair the damage is quite easy but the annoying part is this happens VERY OFTEN.

I can’t complain directly to Hostgator because actually the hosting is my friend’s, and he is the one who have the right to do some complaining. Could it be that our hosting password had been stolen or some sort?

Hey, turkish hackers, if you reading this.. please back off from our site! you’re not doing anything good at ALL!!

cyberabrek, the one who keeps ruining my blog

cyberabrek, the one who keeps ruining my blog


6 responses to “Turkish Hackers Really Got In My Nerves!

  1. I feel for you. This week I have lost my personal web site/portfolio plus another one, which was part of a writing contract, has been defaced by a hacker proudly identifying himself as Turkish. Literally thousands of hours of work destroyed by some small dick.

    • That’s exactly what happened to me today.. If they usually only defaced my blogs, this time.. they wipe it out for good. The website folders are now gone and I got a 404 HTML error which means that the referred page is no longer available.. I WAS SO PISSED!!!! All the works that we’ve been put on the website gone in an instant!

      But I guess you had worse that I am.. Thanks Greg for sharing and I hope you’ve got backups and could restore it back to the way it was..

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  3. some dude from turkey

    you problably had a older version of your weblog system. or there’s a security hole, and because ypu don’t fix this dude hacks you easily again and again. in my country (Turkey) there’re a lot of angry hackers, hacking innocent webpages and write nationalist messages, and protests against Israe l and stuff. A music info blog is certainly not the place for that. Turkey’s hackers are not very bright. -_-

    • yeah, maybe I didn’t install the latest version of the blog engine, and sure this is a free world that we could explain our feeling toward something very freely..

      I’m a muslim too.. and I sympathize for the victims of the Israeli troops…

      but couldn’t they find a better place to express their anger????

      surely what good may come by hacking into my sites? except the tremendous loss that I experienced.

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