and are offline for indefinite time

Every morning in these past weeks I got a habit to check on my blogs that are hosted at Host Gator, the habit started because my blogs had always been attacked by those fucking and damn annoying Turkish hackers trying to show off what they can do, which the thing they done is ruining others website or blogs which could lead to destroying someone else’s career (read Greg’s comment on this post). Even though my casualties we’re not as worst as Greg’s it’s still not right to tampered with someone else’s website.

But today I just found out that my websites’ files were DELETED from the server that I host! Damn it!! I got a 404 HTML error when I was trying to access my blogs, I checked at the server and there’s not a single folder or file left under my blogs domain directory.. You’ve gone too far!! All of my hard work trying to put things back on my blogs after I got the first attack is now gone!! Even though there’s nothing I could do about you.. I could spread the bad word about you!!!


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