Zero, Nol

After quite a while I’ve been very much absent from Internet Marketing world and decide not to take a care too much about it, I decide why not check things out right now. So I went to to and got this blog’s PageRank checked…

and it was….

zero.. 0…

I wonder what went wrong.. >.<

My PageRank

My PageRank

Setelah beberapa lama absen dari dunia Internet Marketing dan memutuskan untuk tidak terlalu perduli terhadapnya, saya memutuskan untuk mengecek kondisi blog saya ini sekarang. Kemudian saya pergi ke untuk memeriksa PageRank blog saya ini..

dan hasilnya…

nol… 0…

kenapa yahhh?? >.<


One response to “Zero, Nol

  1. things are changing..
    music is changing ,
    fashion is changing ,
    and even a Search Engine’s algorithm also keeps changing.

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