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BNI Smart Spending

Seorang teman saya yang kebetulan baru saja mendapatkan kartu kreditnya cukup heran dengan tagihannya setelah dia melakukan penghitungan dengan lebih seksama..

SmartSpending BNIBNI 46Apa masalahnya..? dia bercerita bahwa sebelumnya dia tergiur dengan promosi BNI mengenai SmartSpending yang kalau kita lihat di iklan-iklan dan juga tagihan kartu kredit BNI selalu memaparkan angka 0,8% dengan besar sekali.

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Listrik Pra Bayar: Kendali Ada di Tangan Anda

Update: Bapak Ibu para pembaca sekalian, posting dan diskusi di kolom komentar artikel ini telah pindah ke alamat baru yaitu di

Terima kasih.. ^_^

Promoting Product or Service Through Exhibition

Exhibition or expo are always great to attend to, especially when it’s about computer stuff. The vendors or other company who joins the exhibition will display their latest products and sometimes also gives a demo about their best products. I love it when they’re trying to give a demo about a certain VGA card, the vendor ussually put a see-through PC equipped with the VGA card and start playing games at high quality settings.

Those vendors must have spent a lot of money just to build their stand. The bigger they are the better chance it is too attract the crowd into their booth, but they also need to be very informative and attractive about the product they’re trying to introduce.

IBM Stand

In my oppinion, the better the lightings in the booth the better. Therefore they’re going to need truss to place the lights on top of their booth to give a perfect lighting effect.  Camelback Displays could help these vendors in providing what they need for any trade show displays equipment. Their products are ranging from truss, table covers, banner stands, trade show furniture, logo floor mats, and more things about exhibit booths.

A successful exhibition will surely give a lot of advantage to the company which trying to reach their existing customer or potential customers. By joining a product exhibition a company is actually investing in their advertisement campaign.

Start Learning Stock Trade and Forex

Capitalism II Box

Capitalism II Box

I’ve always been interested about the world of stock trading that we’ve always seen on TV where brokers screams, yells, and do whatever it takes to buy or sell — or maybe something else — stock of some companies. From the first glimpse I wasn’t too impressed. But when I was in high school I played this game called Capitalism II, which is a tycoon-type of a game that lets us build a company of our own, creating products of our own, selling them, how to get the raw materials to produce them and one more thing, stock.

Because I love playing tycoon-like games I also found out that stocks also plays a major role in a company, even in a railroad company like the ones we could play at Railroad Tycoon series. So my interest grew about this stock thing. But until recently I’ve only discovered how to play them using the real stock of a real company with a real price in a real time but with a VIRTUAL money.. Where did I find them? Facebook.. 🙂 well until recently I’ve just discovered an interesting Facebook application in which can teach us how to play stock realistically without having a single dime loss. The app itself is called Fantasy Investing, powered by

It seems that developers had paid an interest in developing Facebook app and letting people like me — who is a facebook addict.. :p — get to learn about stock exchange. Before using the app you need to create an account though, you can follow the link here. Then use your login detail to access Fantasy Investing in Facebook.

The app itself is pretty easy to use, and you can also do trading through your Facebook, or go straight to your account page. Transaction in both pages will mirror one-another so you don’t have to worry, but there will sure be some delays between the two.

My tips before planning on buy or sell stock is to open up Google Finance page to help you understand and browse companies offered stock in NYSE or NASDAQ. Because the game uses a real value of a stock then this Google Finance tool will surely come in handy.

Other than stocks, foreign exchange or abbrevated as forex is also a very popular method of trading. Too bad this time there’s no Facebook app about forex — or as far as I know –, thankfully my friend knew about a website called Marketiva, at first I didn’t know whether this site offers a free virtual forex trading but he said it’s alright. So I gave it a try.



After signed up, and downloaded the application — yes folks, you need to download their application — I start my first trading. Well I actually don’t know what to do yet.. hahaha.. but anyway it’s great, because they’re offering some virtual cash to be traded for us who’ve always wanted to learn this kind of stuff and leaving our real cash safely at the bank. Untouched.

But you could also do some real trading with Marketiva, go to Marketiva website for more info. And by the way, when you subcribe you’ll be given about 5 US$ of real money to gain real money within a real trading. Godspeed.

Screenshot of the application

Screenshot of the application

Google Chrome Still Lacks a Few Features


It's still Beta

It's still in Beta

The internet world are mostly talking about the Google’s web browser Google Chrome right now, and it really does bring up some breakthrough in the browser worlds. But with all of the breakthrough that Google developers offered with Chrome we have to learn the new-type interface that Chrome offers.

Because it’s so simplistic in the design, most of the menu we’re used to are hidden or at least some-more clicks away if compared from using other browser with standard interface like IE, Opera and FireFox. For example I had to right-click every side of the interface to learn what will this click show me? And sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for.. hahaha. A great problem with a breakthrough is sometime that users need to re-learn how to get the spesific function they need. Luckily though I remembered some of the keyboard shortcuts of other browser and it worked in Chrome too.

If we’re talking about the rendering speed. Chrome is the fastest from my experience. I ussually browse the web with Opera as it is fast and reliable, but when the Opera developers published the Opera 9.5 I was starting to get dissapointed. Chrome really outwits the rendering page from Opera and leaving Firefox supperior only to IE. 

I’ve been using Chrome as a primary browser now, but I think I won’t migrate completely from Opera to Chrome yet. Chrome still can’t translate some Javascript perfectly and their bookmarking sucks. Chrome only support Firefox migration, leaving all my bookmark on Opera untouched. Using Chrome you’ll have to re-study their interface, not yet for mac, and probably some more that I haven’t discovered yet.

But overall Chrome is nice. I like the revolution, because we need some revolutions sometimes so that our mind won’t go dull :p, It’s sleek, love the color, and it’s the hottest thing on the web rite now.. 😀 Looking forward for its final release.. 🙂

Lighting Tips for Your Home

Do you know that lighting plays a significant boost to your room appeal and comfort? A room that’s well lit is good for the eyes to see, and would make the room a bit wider and would make you more cheerful with the lights all over the room. A gloomy room would also make your mood worse and make you lazier to do your stuff. That’s why placing light fixtures are necessary in order to create a well lit environment around the room. When it comes to a well lit room, you don’t need to install light fixtures around the whole room, juts place it where you’re activities would be held in the room, install one that enables dimming to create a romantic lighting, perfect for dating.. hehe..

Here’s a website that sells home lighting equipment as well as many types of lighting fixtures that would fit your room nicely over many different brands,, which I think is great because they have a good website to browse and quite easy for me to look at each product detail. You could also shop online as well. They sell a lot of lighting products and also some fine art lamps for a nicer lamp on your room.

Make sure that the room is well lit, not over lit, because when the room got too bright you and your guests would tire the eyes quickly, and could lead you to stress because your eyes had to work extra processing too much light. It’s also bad for the electricity bills.

Smart Shopping With ShopWiki

When we’re trying to find some products usually we would go to the online store and browse for the products that we’re looking for. We would only be offered with their price alone and seeing one information about the product stock and price, that is their own. Wouldn’t be great if there’s a site that we can find the product we’re looking for and retail prices comes from different vendors so that we can compare each price from one another? Well there’s one site you could try on, it’s called ShopWiki

The ShopWiki works like Google. They collect any product information on the web and then compiled them so that you can see the processed information about the product and product offers. But that’s not all. Even though ShopWiki does give you information about product prices but they also give you more tips on products. Check this Women’s Suits Buying Guide for example, the article is about some tips before you decide to buy any women suits, it’s very handy and there are some things you might have never discovered before. The article is also related to women’s clothing article.

This kind of service is great if you’re tired from the regular online shopping experience.